driveNew direction of agricultural development: deepening and implementing the path of green development of urban-rural integration
Agricultural Development
Economic life quality, cultural life quality, political life quality, social life quality, environmental life quality.
High-quality Products
Conduct research on cultivation and training in the field of organization, to drive industry and field employment options and potential job opportunities.
Employment Opportunities
Adhere to goal orientation,Emphasize ecological environment protection andits own survival and development
Ecological Environment
Social responsibility
Building a healthy food brand - Making outstanding contributions to the revitalization of rural areas and common prosperity of the country.
2.Focus on ecology
Focusing on ecological protection and green sustainable development, we are committed to providing consumers with the best quality products and contributing to the healthy development of the food industry.Contribute
1.Adhere to quality
While adhering to quality, we also continuously explore and introduce new planting techniques and production processes to improve product quality and production efficiency.
3.Promotion of ESG
To address global climate change, high-quality development, and green upgrading, sustainable development is the core in promoting ESG, social, and governance.
4.Food Safety
Committed to producing healthy and safe food, providing a solid guarantee for consumers' healthy living.
To establish a new benchmark for the food industry, and provide consumers with better food choices.
5.Opposing images
Create morejob opportunity,Comprehensive OfferdiversificationsystemTraining, empowering local rural development,Thereby improving employees' technical skills and overall performance.
6.Job creation

Walking with consumers        Value creation as the foundation        Seek truth from facts        Honesty and trustworthiness      

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